Saturday, May 16, 2015


We flew to Austin last month to celebrate one of my oldest and dearest friend's wedding.  Lizzie is the closest thing to a sister that I have ever had and it meant so much to be a part of her amazing celebration.  We loved every second of it and we love her and Paul with all of our hearts.  It helped to be traveling there with my other BFF and her wonderful girlfriend.  This was probably the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to.  Brenham, TX, you are okay in our book.

 Rehearsal Dinner- Austin, TX

 Wedding Day- Antique Rose Emporium, Brenham, TX

Happy holidays

And yet another old post lost in my drafts folder...
We did not end up sending out our holiday cards this year.  Truth be told, I didn't make them until a few days before Christmas and between running out of time and money, we decided to forgo the tradition.  But, since I did spend an afternoon making it, I still want to share our vision for this year's card.  I am quite pleased with how it came out.  So from us, to you, Happy holidays!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Winter, in Spring

I am cleaning up my drafts and found this one.  Written over a month ago but better late than never.

Over the past six years, I have found this space of mine morph into many different things.  I started it simply as a place to share my style.  Women all over the internet were posting how they expressed themselves with their own personal style and I fell in love with that. I find great beauty in this kind of creativity. From there, I started to share some house projects/DIY.  I enjoy decorating our home and like sharing ideas with others.  The highlight of this was being featured on A Beautiful Mess with a house tour.  My biggest feat however, has been what this blog has turned into for me, a kind of ongoing letter to me and my family, with words and pictures that capture life as we know it.  Six years captured.  From Max's birth and all of his firsts, to holidays to even the mundane days, I have carved out a little digital space to preserve these amazing years that are moving further and further away from me.  So, as we come to the end of a yet another snowstorm, on yet another bitter cold night, I share my most recent letter, this one to Mother Nature, as she reminds us all who is boss.

Dear Mother Nature,
We will try harder.  We will do better.