Wednesday, July 29, 2015


We took Max out kayaking last week for the first time.  We stayed local and it gave us a new perspective on an old favorite spot in town.  There were plenty of turtles, fish and a beautiful great blue heron in the canal as we paddled by.  We were a little unsure about taking the camera down the canal with us so we just snapped a few pictures before we set out.  Next time we will take it for sure.  

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ty turns 4

One of the best parts of Max's daycare is that the other children there happen to be the children of some of my closest friends growing up.  He spends his days surrounded by those that are loved so much by people that I love so much.  He looks forward to seeing them each day and I love that he is growing up with them.  Last week we were invited to celebrate his friend Ty's birthday with him and his family.  It was at a local park and it was on a Wednesday afternoon, smack dab in the middle of summer.  We loved being there and are thinking of stealing the idea for Max's upcoming birthday in September.  There is a pavilion, a playground and a small beach with water for the kids to swim. Thanks for the invite Laney! And Happy 4th Birthday Ty.  We love you.  

Friday, July 10, 2015

The Sox

Years ago, I held the title of Number One Red Sox Fan in my house.  Truth be told, my house only consisted of Damien and me but still, not everyone has held such a title.  Fast-forward 8+ years and I can honestly say I don't even know who is on the team.  Professional sports in general hold no interest to me anymore.  But when a good friend got 30 tickets to a game and invited us to come along, I jumped at the chance to buy some tickets.  Max had heard of the Red Sox but didn't know too much about them.  In fact, the morning after I told him that we were going to a Red Sox game, he said to me "Thank you for buying those tickets to the soccer game for me".  Oh Max.  It ended up being a perfect night to go to a game and we filled the front half of the train car headed in to the city.  Max had many of his friends with him and so did I.  We lasted until the 7th inning and then caught the train out of the city.  It's one of those trips that will always be special to me.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fourth of July weekend- Part 3

We woke up Sunday morning and decided to head to Boston for the day.  Max was excited about riding the train into the city and we were excited about having no set plans; we rarely go to Boston for no reason at all.  In fact, it's usually a more stressful trip than I'd like to admit.  Most times we are running late.  We run into traffic.  We have to be somewhere at sometime.  Sunday was different.  The only thing we thought of doing was riding the greenway carousel.  Other than that, no plans.  We took the train into South Station.  We then walked along Atlantic Avenue towards Faneuil Hall.  We ate, took photos, rode the carousel and last minute decided to take a horse drawn carriage ride through the city.  And then it was a nice leisurely walk back to South Station via the Rose Kennedy Greenway.  Boston sure is a different place when you don't have to be anywhere in particular.  Let's see what tonight brings as we make our way back in for Max's first Red Sox game.